Stories Reclining on the Shelf

Please visit Jane Roberts’s Amazon Author Page or click on individual book titles below for purchase or further information. 

*Forthcoming reprint of Blue Planet Collection in a cli-fi (climate change fiction) academic collection in 2019, following on from use in academic research in 2018.

In Vino, Vanitas:
High Spirits: A Round of Drinking Stories

Our Lady, the Sheela Na Gig:
The Mechanics’ Institute Review 15 (2018), Birkbeck

Blind Date:
The Nottingham Review Issue 11 (first print edition)


 Blue Planet Collection:
Nothing Is As It Was

Waterloo Sunset:
Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine Vol.10 No.1

Unthology 9

Map Reading:
A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed: 2016 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology

The Etymology of Happiness:
The Refugees Welcome Anthology

Are We There Yet?:
The Lonely Crowd Issue 3 (Winter)

Love in Different Time Zones:
Landmarks: 2015 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology

The Ice House:
Bare Fiction Magazine Issue 3

Angus Hears Things:
Eating My Words: 2014 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology

The Gift:
Stories for Homes

The House Rules:
Litro Magazine
#127 Victoriana

Dark Clouds
Publisher: Collective Unconscious
Published: 08 March 2013
Language: English
Papaerback: 87 pages

I’m with Baka and A Piece in History:
New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan [Paperback]

The Layman’s Solution to the Causal vs. Final Conundrum Or How Two Men Became Insomniac and One Man Slept:
100 Stories for Haiti [Paperback]

Heart of the City:
Subtext: A Collection of Short Stories Inspired by the Kingsway Tram Subway [Paperback]


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