Stories Reclining on the Shelf


Please visit Jane Roberts’s Amazon Author Page or click on individual book titles below for purchase or further information. 

*Sottotitoli features in the official National Flash Fiction Day 2019 Anthology, to be published in June 2019.

*Forthcoming reprint of Blue Planet Collection in a cli-fi (climate change fiction) academic collection in 2019, following on from use in academic research in 2018 by the University of Southampton. More information at Retreat West.


Lifted and On Whose Bench Are You Sitting?:

Story Cities (Arachne Press)

Story Cities Front Cover

Animae Maris:

Unheard Voices

Available from Waterstone’s Aberystwyth and the Aberystwyth Arts Centre Bookshop.

Unheard Voices

In Vino, Vanitas:

High Spirits: A Round of Drinking Stories



Our Lady, the Sheela Na Gig:

The Mechanics’ Institute Review 15 (2018), Birkbeck

Blind Date:

The Nottingham Review Issue 11 (first print edition)


 Blue Planet Collection:

Nothing Is As It Was

Waterloo Sunset:

Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine Vol.10 No.1


Unthology 9

Map Reading:

A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed: 2016 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology

The Etymology of Happiness:

The Refugees Welcome Anthology

Are We There Yet?:

The Lonely Crowd Issue 3 (Winter)

Love in Different Time Zones:

Landmarks: 2015 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology

The Ice House:

Bare Fiction Magazine Issue 3

Angus Hears Things:

Eating My Words: 2014 National Flash Fiction Day Anthology

The Gift:

Stories for Homes

The House Rules:

Litro Magazine

#127 Victoriana


Dark Clouds

Publisher: Collective Unconscious

Published: 08 March 2013

Language: English

Papaerback: 87 pages


Dark Clouds Picture

I’m with Baka and A Piece in History:

New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan [Paperback]

The Layman’s Solution to the Causal vs. Final Conundrum Or How Two Men Became Insomniac and One Man Slept:

100 Stories for Haiti [Paperback]

Heart of the City:

Subtext: A Collection of Short Stories Inspired by the Kingsway Tram Subway [Paperback]


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